Red Vines, Pashmina- Diya Boutique Premium Scarf Boutique
Red Vines, Pashmina- Diya Boutique Premium Scarf Boutique
Red Vines, Pashmina- Diya Boutique Premium Scarf Boutique
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Red Vines

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In the textile world, true pashmina or "ultra-fine cashmere" is the most coveted & rare textile produced. Cultivated exclusively in the utmost northern Indian region, it is produced by a special "pashmina" goat. It takes traditional weavers up to 1 month to produce a single shawl from start to finish. Each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity so you can be rest assured we stand behind the quality of this item.


  • Extremely Rare
  • Absolutely weightless and airy- a sign of true pashimina
  • As warm as thicker fabrics, but much more compact
  • Ideal for travel as it condenses with ease
  • Completely hand-woven details


  • 80" by 28"; ideal for a variety of uses

If properly taken care of, our products will last you for years to come. For our silk products, blended or pure, we highly recommend steaming to regain luster and shape as needed. For stains we recommend spot cleaning with gentle soaps or dry cleaning for larger jobs. For our wool-blended products, we recommend hand washing as needed or dry cleaning for tough stains. For our premium silk, wool and cashmere that feature pure fabrics, we strongly suggest only dry-cleaning. Whenever possible, we suggest spot cleaning. Spot cleaning usually remedies most imperfections and avoids the products coming into potentially harsh chemicals that could fade color or change shape.


Our rugs can be vacuumed regularly with the exception of our silk rug, which should only be vacuumed with brushless suction. Although the rugs may last years before needing to be cleaned, we suggest ONLY using professional cleaners that clean/repair oriental area rugs.


If you ever have any doubt about caring for one of our products or finding professionals in your area, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

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