We test and guarantee the quality of every single product we offer. We strongly prefer products made from natural fabrics because the quality is far superior and because it is safe to use with even the most sensitive skin. Many of our clients come to us exclusively because they cannot tolerate most scarves from other retailers. The reality is that the majority of products on the market today use synthetic fabrics, even if they claim otherwise, to keep prices down. However, synthetic fibers break down easily and rarely stay in their original state.They easily irritate the skin and many fabric that claim to be "real" are so mass produced that the quality has suffered severely.

All of our higher-end products are made exclusively from natural fabrics such as silk, wool, cashmere, and premium cotton. Although we do offer more affordable products that are blended with a higher quality synthetic called “modal.” We do not, however, offer any fully synthetic products because their quality simply does not stand the test of time. Our standard products are meant to last for years to come. Our premium products are made to last for generations. That's our difference.




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