Our Story

There is more to fashion than just trends. At Diya Boutique, we believe that fashion is also about tradition, history, and, above all, connection. Our journey began with three friends traveling the world in search of garments that transcended any one trend or style. It was in India that we found ancient communities of amazingly talented artisans that created the most elaborate textiles we have ever seen!

What we offer our clients is one-of-a-kind items that you could not find anywhere else made from the rarest textiles in the world. We are a team of strict curators and only accept the highest quality products made in small batches and never mass produced. But our real passion is keeping traditional craftsmanship alive through talented artisans who handcraft our superior products whether it is hand painted silk tapestries or embroidered cashmere shawls. In a world of fast fashion, that precious connection to true artistry is lost. While on the contrary, our timeless products are meant to be passed down through generations in your family as a reminder of true art.

Unlike the rest of the luxury goods industry, we price our products on their true value & not fancy marketing campaigns or endorsements. We maintain reasonable prices by sourcing directly from artisans and mainly selling online & at specialty events. We also maintain an old-world showroom in Milwaukee where we have regular showings and host events as well. So we hope you enjoy what you may find here at Diya Boutique…


Cheers! ~Anna, Sou, & Ricardo, Diya Co-Owners


Fun Fact: Our brand is named after our founder Soumyanetra's nickname in Hindi "Diya" which literally translates into "light" in English. We think it represents our brand perfectly!



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