Moroccan Vibes

When Morocco comes to mind, it brings about the aesthetic of intricate jewelry designs, embroidery, enameled tiles and, oh yes, the caftan. It’s not only Moroccan fashion, but the fashion of the world which finds a huge inspiration in Moroccan traditional clothing.   It mirrors the richness of other parts of Moroccan culture – architecture, design, customs and history in general. It is especially seen in women’s dressing and accessorizing.



Full of cultural wealth, Morocco has been a major influence in Western fashion and design. Opposite of the rule of some fashion gurus where less is more, in Morocco more is more. Ornamented and colorful clothes, heavy make up and shining accessories can be seen very often on the streets of Morocco and on the runways from Moroccan inspired designs.



The fluidity of fashion, motioning from past to present, makes it impossible to escape the effects of globalization. Taking inspiration from the opulence that Moroccan fashion provides, can only extend your cultural and aesthetic boundaries when it comes to style.  Here's a look at some looks inspired by the ultra glam Morocco has to offer.








Outfit 1:$145$70$67$40$16$29$125

Outfit 2:$145$737$447
Fendi Belt

Outfit 3:$145$90$40$120$195$101


For more details on these looks and others check out our Polyvore Page! 

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