July 2018: A Touch of Diya for your Home...

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Although scarves will ALWAYS be our specialty (and passion), we are so excited to offer even more one-of-a-kind pieces for you to explore as our boutique continues to blossom. While on our most recent trip to India we couldn't help but to bring back what we believe to be the most BEAUTIFUL oriental rugs! As we met with artisans on our usual business, we were instantly drawn to these gorgeous pieces on display. As they began to tell us more about their history, process, and composition we knew that our customers would LOVE these rare, luxury items! Below is a taste of what we found...

Our personal favorites were the stunning merino wool runners that were incredibly soft and glossy. They instantly transform the room. 

oriental rug diya

 We also came across a few special pieces. These rugs are uniquely blended with merino wool and silk. Together, they offer a lustrous shine combined with the plush feel and thickness. Something even more amazing: they change colors and hues depending on the angle light reflects on them! What rug do you know that can do that?

Diya Oriental Rug

Last, but not least, we came across (arguably) the rarest rugs currently available on the market today. Absolutely PURE silk rugs fully made in India by the most traditionally skilled artisans. Of course, we are biased to Indian silk but this rugs proves just how superior handcrafted products are. These are the height of craftsmanship and are best displayed on low traffic areas or as wall art. 

Diya Oriental Silk Rug



Oriental Rug Diya

 We know that authentic, oriental rugs can be a very expensive investment. Given the specialty of our museum-grade pieces, we price our rugs on quality of construction, quality of material and dye, and individual design instead of arbitrary pricing that is frequently used by other. These are rugs that will be passed down through generations and will never go out of style. Diya is a name you can trust and we will always stand behind our products! See our online collection here!


Various sizes(designs slightly vary) are available and not always listed on our website! Please don't hesitate to reach out and inquire. 

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