May 2018: Styling Your Scarf

The one question we hear the most about our scarves is “How do you wear this?” So we got inspired to create a How-to blog to help you learn some unique styling tips to help you be flawless in our scarves. We have put together a few looks that we think you'll love and feel free to comment if you have any tips of your own!

Since we are nearing summer, let's take a look at the classic silk square...

The Paris

Step 1: Fold the silk square into a triangle.
Step 2: Cross the ends behind your neck and bring to the front.
Step 3: Tie the ends into a simple knot and you've got the a tres chic look. 

The Rosette

Step 1: Fold a silk square into a triangle. 
Step 2: Fold from the shortest point to the longest side.
Step 3: Drape around your neck and begin to twist each side.
Step 4: Twist both sides together.
Step 5: Begin twisting from the closest point to the neck into a small rose shape.
Step 6: Secure it with a quick knot for a flirty look. 


Now lets take a look at our versatile silk shawls...

Scarf, shawl
Step 1: Fold the scarf/shawl in half
Step 2: Bring the scarf around your necks where a loop is on one side and the ends are on the other. 
Step: Pull the ends through the loop for a quick, easy look!

The Fan
Step 1: Drape the scarf/shawl around your neck.
Step 2: Create a simple knot on one side.
Step 3: On the side without a knot, begin to fold accordion style.
Step 4: Take one end of the folded side and pull slightly through the knot for a show stopping look.
Silk Shawl
Step 1: Wrap a long scarf once around your neck, leave one side longer than the other
Step 2: Cross the longer end over the shorter end
Step 3. Bring long side under the shorter side and through the loop.
Step 4. Give it volume and Viola!
Silk Shawl

Step 1: Drape the shawl around your shoulders.
Step 2: Add a belt or pin to create to create an hourglass shape!

To inspire you even more check out some of our favorite books for styling scarves are listed below:

50 Ways to Wear a Scarf by Lauren Friedman

How to Tie a Scarf: 33 Ways by Potter Gift

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