How to care for our Fabrics: Silk

Luxury fabrics like silk can be intimidating at first because they are known for being delicate and requiring special care. The thing most people don't realize is the silk is actually a very resilient fabric because of its natural proteins. If taken care of the right way, it will far outlast any synthetic fabric. With a little knowledge & a few tips and tricks you can wear your silk with confidence!

Today we will address one of the most common questions we get, "how do I wash my silks?" Good quality silk will usually resist stains quite well and will only require spot treatment with cold water and a delicate detergent/soap. However, sometimes silk naturally begins to lose its shine and luster with age and this is completely normal. Similar in the way that your hair absorbs your natural oils, so does silk when you wear it. This can sometimes cause fine silks to be dulled and decrease the softness and gloss. A GREAT & super easy tip we learned to revive silk and remove these oils is with an item most people already own: white vinegar.

Silk Scarf Care

Here we have outlined a safe way to restore that luster to your silk. 

What you will need:

  • A large enough space to wash your silk( plastic bin, sink or bathtub)
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Warm(not hot) water
  • Two clean thick towels
  • Drying rack(or anywhere you can air dry your silk)
  • Steamer (optional)


  1. In the container(sink or tub), mix 1/4th cup of vinegar per gallon of water and mix well
  2. Submerge your silk into the water(Ensure the silk is completely submerged) for about 1 minute or so.
  3. Remove the item and discard(drain) the vinegar mixture & refill with water.
  4. Rinse the item until all vinegar smell has been removed
  5. Lay the silk gently over a large towel and press it between another towel to remove the excess water
  6. Drape the silk item over a drying rack until dry
  7. Once dry, steam to remove any wrinkles if necessary

Once dry, you will notice quite a difference, especially if you steam it afterwards. This trick will also remove any odors from the fabric. And don't worry, you won't end up smelling of vinegar...the smell fades completely!

For all other stains that cannot be spot treated, or treated with this vinegar rinse, we highly recommend you get your silks professionally dry cleaned. However, we know that its not always the most convenient or cost effective so in lieu of professional treatment we recommend always hand washing your silk in cold water and gently handling the silk. NEVER wring it out. Always allow to air dry. There are many delicate detergents out there but one that we would recommend is from The Laundress. They make many detergents for high-end fabrics to make caring for your fine fabrics at home a breeze.

Last, even though silk is more wrinkle resistant than most fabrics a little steam will take care of any wrinkle and as an added bonus, add a little shine back to the fabric!

Hope this helped and stay tuned for our future winter blogs about caring for your wools & cashmeres!


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