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Whether it's an upcoming wedding or family event, when it comes to choosing dresses, Bollywood fashion provides beautiful options. Bollywood saris, a long cloth, four to nine yards in length, are draped on the body and come in a variety of styles such as half and half saris, designer, lehenga and bridal.  If you're unable to get your hands on an official sari, a long silk scarf can do just the trick!  Take a look at some fun options and get inspired!

Wearing a sari is not just about draping the fabric; adding the right makeup and accessories is also key. Color choice is just as important.  Opting for bold colors can really elevate your look from ordinary to head turning.

Gold or silver may be the obvious choice when wearing a multi-colored sari with work (kaam), but don't underestimate the power of a cohesive, monochromatic look that the eye can easily follow. Doing so allows your beautiful scarf or sari to be the focal point, representing culture while still maintaining modesty and individuality.


Outfit 1:
Silk scarf-$55 –
Top-$275 –
Skirt-$53 –
Shoes-$89 –
Mascara-$28 –

Outfit 2:
Silk scarf-$95 –
Top-$300 -
Earrings-$13 –
Liner-$8 –
Lipstick-$24 –

Outfit 3:
Silk scarf-$145 –
Top-$25 –
Shoes-$65 –
Necklace-19 –

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