February 2019- Important Diya Updates!!!

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Diya Boutique Scarves
We want to start out thank our amazing customers for an incredible 2018! A lot has been changing with our small business and we wanted to announce some important changes we are making this year…
      The biggest change this year is with our showroom. Typically, we have opened our showroom every Saturday to the public for the past year. We have absolutely LOVED having a space of our own, getting to meet the local community, hosting special events, and experience the more traditional retail side of our business. However, due to proposed changes in the lease agreement our team was forced to re-evaluate the value of a retail location. Our main priority for our luxury goods has always been simple: make them affordable! We have accomplished this by keeping overhead at minimum and sourcing our items directly. In any decision, there is always pro/cons and after MUCH consideration we knew the best decision for our customers and our business was to close our showroom.
        With this said, we have come up with a plan to bridge the gap between our showroom and our online stores for our clients who prefer to shop in the live! First, we will be improving & expanding our online store to make it an even better shopping experience with more variety. Second, we will once again begin doing more shopping events in the area. With our showroom last year our team was not able to attend as many events as we originally did when we first started in 2017, and we have realized the amazing amounts of local fairs and small business opportunities right here in our back yard. Keep a lookout for us in the Milwaukee-Chicago area! Last, but not least, we are in talks about hosting a pop-up location for next holiday season when our customers look to us for the perfect gift!
Make sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook where we will announce our upcoming events and new product arrivals! @diyastyle
Stay warm & Lot of love!
-Diya Team

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